Economic benefits of wood pellet mill machine

The wood pellet mill machine is suitable for a wide range of raw materials. The pellet fuel produced has the characteristics of clean combustion, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. It can provide low-sulfur fuel, provide cheap energy (under certain conditions), and convert organic matter into fuel to reduce environmental pollution ( such as waste fuel).

With the further development of environmental protection, wood pellet mill machine not only realizes turning waste into treasure, but also improves the value of crops, but also promotes the ecological environment and drives economic development. (Related post: wood pellet mill for sale

The sawdust wood pellet mill machine can develop sawdust and other wastes produced by furniture manufacturers into biomass fuel pellets required by users. The number of meshes of the screen can be adjusted according to the particle size requirements. (What is a wood sawdust granulator? What are the advantages of a wood pellet mill machine?)

1. What is a wood pellet mill machine?

Wood pellet fuel can be broadly divided into two categories – traditional and modern. Modern bioenergy refers to various bioenergy sources that can be used to replace traditional energy sources on a large scale, namely mineral solids, liquids and gaseous fuels, including: wood waste (industrial use), bagasse (industry), municipal waste, biofuels (including biogas and energy crops).

Traditional bioenergy is largely confined to developing countries. Broadly, it includes all small-scale uses of bioenergy, which are not always outside the market, including: household firewood and charcoal, straw (including rice husks), other factory waste, wood chips, sawdust, etc.

As we all know, wood pellet mill machines are divided into two series: flat die and ring die. Generally speaking, everyone should be familiar with the ring die series, because many feed companies at home and abroad use the ring die wood pellet mill machine for granulation.

Wastes such as sawdust and wood chips have low adhesion rates and are difficult to form, while biomass fuel pellets require a high density, so it requires a lot of pressure to reach the density of the pellets, which invisibly increases the difficulty.

Due to the gradual rise of renewable energy in recent years, the common ring die wood pellet mill machines used to make biomass fuel pellets in the market have evolved from the original ring die machines used to make feed, and there are still many areas that need to be improved.

The flat die series pellet machines are generally divided into two or more parallel roller pellet machines in China, which are mainly suitable for the production of organic fertilizers. Although it can also be used to make fuel pellets, it is not suitable for the wear and tear of the machine, which indirectly increases the cost.

In response to this problem, Richi Machinery has developed a conical roller wood pellet mill machine on the basis of learning from foreign advanced technology. In addition, there is no dislocation friction between the wheel and the mold between the two ends and the inner and outer circles of the mold plate, which reduces the resistance, reduces the kinetic energy loss, and prolongs the service life of the mold. (Related post: fuel pellet plant )

2. Advantages of wood pellet mill machine products:

wood pellet mill machine

(1) Biomass pellets based on various raw materials such as sawdust, straw, chaff, etc. can be produced;

(2) High output, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, strong machine fatigue resistance, continuous production, economical and durable;

(3) Various molding technologies such as cold pressing molding and extrusion molding are adopted, and the oil polishing and shaping process makes the biomass pellets beautiful in appearance and compact in structure.

The wood pellet mill machine is designed to use the wastes of agricultural and forestry processing as raw materials, which are pretreated and processed to solidify to form high-density pellet fuel, which is an efficient and clean renewable energy source. It is an ideal fuel to replace kerosene, saves energy and reduces emissions, and has good economic and social benefits.

Richi Machinery specializes in the design, production, installation and sales of wood pellet mill machines, sawdust pellet machines, biomass pellet machines and other wood pellet plant equipment. Welcome businessmen from all over the world to visit the factory.

3. Advantages of fuel wood pellet mill machine

No matter which industry or era you are in, you are in the harem of feudal society, and those with advantages have status.

So what are the advantages of the Richi Machinery biomass fuel wood pellet mill machine?

(1)Raw materials are sufficient.

No matter what equipment it is, without raw materials for processing, no matter how good your advantages are, you will not be able to travel the world.

Biomass fuel wood pellet mill machines can process a wide variety of raw materials, crop straws from crops grown in rural areas, furniture factory leftovers, branches, trees Bark, leaves, etc. are the raw materials of biomass fuel pellet machine, and the finished product processed by wood pellet mill machine can not only be used as feed for raising animals, but also as fuel for power plants, central heating and other industries. (Related post: cat litter making machine )

(2)Development is necessary.

Why is biomass fuel wood pellet mill machine necessary for development? Because with the rise in prices, the storage of energy resources decreases, and the price of energy resources required for life will not be very low. If we want to survive, we must find a device that can be used for a long time to escort our lives.

The pellet machine can do it. The produced feed pellets have a good taste, and the fuel pellets produce less soot when they are burned, which is no threat to the environment and the body.

Whether it is mechanical equipment or people, as long as they have unique advantages, they can have their own firm position and speed of development. RICHI wood pellet mill machine takes advantage of the world and serves customers with technology.

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