Straw rice husk used for biomass pellet mill?

Can straw rice husk be used as fuel for biomass pellet mill plant? Due to the lack of coal resources, its price has risen, and it is polluted when it is burned, so we have to use other fuels instead.

For our common people, the most suitable one is probably the fuel pellets of the rice husk biomass pellet mill. Because the cost of fuel pellets is low compared to other fuels, we ordinary people can afford it.

The raw materials of fuel pellets are the straw, straw, rice husks and other agricultural wastes in our usual fields, as well as some branches and leaves. Due to the relatively large amount of fuel, some friends saw this market and wanted to set up a pellet factory by themselves. In fact, this is not impossible, but some friends thought it was too simple. Let’s analyze it below and set up a rice husk biomass pellet mill and biomass pellet mill plant.

Let’s start with the raw materials. Usually, our rice husks can be directly used as fuel by the biomass pellet mill, but the straws and straws recovered from the ground need to be treated and cannot be used directly, because their length is not suitable for directly pressing pellets.

Similarly, the waste wood and furniture scraps we recycle basically need to be treated before they can be used. This requires a crushing equipment. If your raw materials are only rice husks, sawdust, then this step of the crusher can be omitted.

There are venues. Since you want to set up a biomass pellet mill and biomass pellet factory, the raw materials to be processed every day are not 100 kilograms, and there must be a place to store them. If the customer comes to pull the pellets, we can’t go out to weigh each time, it is too troublesome, so it is better to have one pound.

Although it is said that diesel engines can also be used to make pellets by biomass pellet mill, the price of oil is much more expensive than the price of three boxes of electricity, and it is still more cost-effective to use electricity, so there are three types of electricity. Of course, if you don’t need too much scale, then you need a rice husk biomass pellet mill to make rice husk pellets.

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1. Use and adjustment of the cooler machine

biomass pellet mill for sale

The following is the use and adjustment of the cooler for the rice husk biomass pellet mill:

(1) Adjustment of discharge amount

①Users should keep the material layer relatively at a certain height according to the current output.

Method 1: There is a height adjustment device between the baffle plate and the rectangular frame, and bolts are arranged between the baffle plate and the rectangular frame, and the movement of the baffle plate relative to the rectangular frame can be realized by loosening and tightening the bolts. Then the gap between the baffle plate and the discharge hopper is adjusted.

Method 2: For the gap (large gap) that cannot be adjusted by method 1, the height of the tie rod can be adjusted by loosening and tightening the bolts, thereby adjusting the gap between the rectangular frame and the baffle plate.

②The gap between the bottom of the cone mouth and the sieve baffle is generally set to 30mm, and the size of this gap can be adjusted appropriately according to the length of the pellets; that is, the longer the pellets, the larger the gap.

(2) Adjustment of amplitude

The user should adjust the amplitude according to the current output. The amplitude is limited by the excitation force of the vibration motor. Adjusting the relative position of the two eccentric blocks of the vibration motor can realize the stepless adjustment in the emergency. When the two eccentric blocks are completely coincident, the exciting force is the largest and the amplitude is the largest; when the two eccentric blocks are 180°, the exciting force is the smallest and the amplitude is the smallest; generally, the two are 135°.

(3) Adjustment method:

①Remove the vibration motor protective cover

② Loosen the clamping bolts of the outer eccentric blocks at both ends

③ Adjust the position of the eccentric block according to the production requirements. If two vibration motors are used, make sure that the four groups of eccentric blocks are on the same scale.

④ Rotate the eccentric clamping bolt, and then install the protective cover.

2. How to troubleshoot the small fault?

How to troubleshoot the small fault of the rice husk biomass pellet mill?

(1) The quality of the die of the rice husk biomass pellet mill is an important factor affecting the output. The die is the heart of the biomass pellet mill, and its quality is very important to the output of the biomass granulator.

Original parts or molds that meet quality standards must be used, and there are strict requirements in terms of material, hardness, and compression ratio. Before use, use wood chips, fine sand, and waste oil to mix evenly in a certain proportion, and grind the mold reasonably, patiently, carefully, and fully. After grinding for one to two hours, it can be directly fed into production without stopping the biomass pellet mill.

The gap between the pressing roller (wheel) and the ring die (template) should not be too large or too small. If the gap is too large, the output is low, and the pellet density is poor; if the gap is too small, the mechanical wear is severe and the service life of the mold is shortened. In use, adding a little grease to the raw materials can also effectively increase the output and reduce mold wear.

After the biomass pellet production is over, squeeze the abrasive material for a minute or two to fill the mold hole with oil, so that the material can be put into production when the biomass pellet mill is turned on next time. This not only maintains the mold (template), reduces energy consumption, but also increases production.

Therefore, when purchasing a rice husk biomass pellet mill, you must carefully check the condition of the mold, and you must pay attention to the condition of the mold during use. If it is damaged, you should contact the biomass pellet mill manufacturer to replace it in time.

(2) The relationship between automation degree and structure, mechanical properties and mutual configuration is unreasonable.

Small biomass pellet mill can be manually loaded and discharged naturally to dry, but large and medium-sized complete sets of equipment must be properly matched, such as iron removal devices, mechanical feeding, granulation, cooling, boilers, dust removal and other equipment and processes are indispensable.

Low voltage, small function, narrow space, insufficient steam pressure, frequent replacement of raw materials and additives, serious residual material, imbalanced water distribution ratio, insufficient lubrication and tightening of transmission parts, leakage and leakage; raw materials and used models or molds , the large gap in power requirements, etc., etc., also have a greater impact on the output of the biomass pellet mill.

Only by mastering the performance of each part and the configuration relationship between each other, operating in accordance with the regulations, and treating the symptoms, can the output of the rice husk biomass pellet mill be improved.

(3) The arrangement of working time is misplaced, and the preparation work is not comprehensive enough.

For some users, in order to catch up with the output, the working hours are prolonged, the personnel are seriously fatigued, the biomass pellet maker equipment are overloaded and even work with illness, the machines cannot be repaired, oiled, and cooled in time, and the people and the machines are slow to work, and the phenomenon of missed work is serious.

The preparation of spare molds and accessories is insufficient, and the understanding of the model and applicable raw materials is insufficient. These issues, while seemingly inconsequential, can pay off nicely in production if handled properly.

(4) It is very important to choose a suitable rice husk biomass pellet mill machine model according to your own needs. You can tell your needs to the manufacturer, and they will recommend you a suitable biomass pellet mill.

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