Hereby it is our morbid honour to present the new WEREWOLF RECORDS (and related issues
such as SATANIC WARMASTER) website. The empasis of the website will NOT be on the ever
growing commercialism and passionless pushing of worthless music waste in the underground.

To accompany the new website we are proud to announce the release of the
CURSE demo anthology cd, these forgotten recordings truly deserved to be
released again.

There is a lot of things planned in the future, and the following releases can be announced:

  • DĂ„MONENBLUT (ger) debute album (this summer)
  • EVIL/DROWNING THE LIGHT (bra/aus) split CD (this summer)

And (hopefully) later this year:

  • LUST/KRIEG (can/usa) split 7″
  • ARMATUS/VARGR (ger/swe) split 7″
  • KADOTUS (fin) “Vaienneet Temppelit” second album
  • SATANIC WARMASTER new album (guitars, bass and drums are already completed)

No questions about upcoming releases will be answered.
All details neccessary will be unveiled in time.
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