Distro update 5.11.2009

New stuff in stock:

FLOODED CHURCH OF ASMODEUS (fin) demo – ugliest, filthiest and most
abominable black rumble from the depths of the underground. A must for
fans of Gonkulator, Black Mass of Absu etc.
FCOA samples: FCOA – distorted priesthood & FCOA – rule of the ancient feeling

V/A “METAL ON METAL III” compilation CD – Finnish metal compilation
series’ third part, this time focusing on Black Metal arts. Features f.ex.
Exordium, Ride for Revenge, Lantern, Incriminated, Goatmoon, Saasta,
Bloodhammer and Rivologi. Over an hour of material, mostly exclusive tracks!

ARIZMENDA (usa) demo – brilliant atmospheric and obscure black metal,
in a way only a few bands can create anymore – highly recommended!!!

JOYLESS (nor) / DEKADENT AESTHETIX (rom) split 7″ EP – a new work of
norwegian crossover darkness, this time on a split with Romanian gloomy art.

EVIL (bra) / ABIGAIL (jap) split 7″ EP – Brazilian Black Metal hammer meets
Japanese infamous Black Metal Yakuza!

BEHERIT’s “Oath of Black Blood” and “Drawing Down the Moon” reissue LPs
- no comments needed!

AZAZEL (fin) and HORNA (fin) shirts that were printed for
the “BLACK FLAMES OF BLASPHEMY” festival still available.

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